Cybersecurity Apprenticeships

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CyberWarrior Academy’s Cybersecurity Apprenticeship combines an IB-week vocational lob-driven training with a one year, on the job. competency-based experience as a pathway to a fulltime position.

Our program provides the knowledge. tools. and certifications necessary to begin a career In cybersecurity.

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There Are Not Enough Cybersecurity Professionals to Meet Industry Demands

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How does this partnership work?


Employers benefit from access to a unique talent pipeline from a high-quality program and ore engaged In the recruitment and training process from the onset — selecting apprentices before admissions and offering employment to graduates of the Program.


CyberWarrior Academy is a certified “Apprenticeship” provider by the Massachusetts Deportment of Labor and under the auspice of the United States Deportment of Labor.


Apprentices ore on CyberWarrior Academy payroll throughout the program and a ‘Corp to Corp’ relationship exists between the program and the employer. Apprentices ore assigned a career coach a role meant to liaise and support the student and employer throughout the process.

Share Your Experience

Giving back is one of the most rewarding things you can do!

Your time has an impact. You, as an industry executive, can connect with students and deliver impactful career advice. Students benefit tremendously from this window into the cybersecurity world and how they will someday fit into this rewarding career. They also learn the value of networking and slowly build the relationships that we know to be critical to career growth. You help lay the foundation for their success.

Unique Differentiators

CyberWarrior Academy provides technical and professional development training focused on the strategy and execution of cybersecurity competencies critical to protecting organizations. Mapped to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Framework, our program enables students to learn and apply the skills and technologies that are valued most by the market.

The training is hands-on, and the content is relevant

Our training goes beyond theory and focuses on equipping participants with the tools, strategies, and technical experience to solve the most critical issues facing companies today_ students add value to employers on day 1.

Our participants develop strong engagement skills

We recognize that to be a top performer, participants must learn how to be influencers who drive change and possess strong communication skills. Our training delivers professional development.

Our instructors are seasoned cybersecurity professionals.

They leverage Insights from their cybersecurity consulting engagements to ensure students know how to solve the most critical security Issues affecting companies today.

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